Thursday, July 26, 2012

Job-Seekers' Field Trip Leads to Employment

As July winds down, the Career Development job search winds up as three job-seekers hopped in the car and headed to some local businesses with the Career Development Program Manager.

What prompted the trip?

"The other day we were talking about ways to save money, and I realized that none of them knew about the cheaper local businesses," said Program Manager Romina. As recent immigrants and refugees, they must find ways to make ends meet, and what better way than getting quality items at a low price.

Being job-seekers as well, the lessons extended beyond just visiting stores like Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross and Subway. "On our way to each of the stores, we practiced how to ask for an application," Romina explained. During the drive each one rehearsed the words to say – putting their English lessons to the test. At each business they put this practice to work, walking away with job applications.

One student, Osama, was motivated by the trip and went out on his own to apply at other nearby locations, including local sandwich shopTogos. A few days later he heard back from Togos and found out he got the job! He started this week and is doing fabulously.

The very proud Program Manager Romina visited Osama at his new work this week and spoke with the Togos branch manager who said he sees Osama as a hard-working and very bright employee. He expects Osama will become a general manager at the store in the future. The amazing abilities and commitment of Career Development students and staff is truly inspiring!

Ex'pression Features Chavez Center in a Documentary Video

Those of you following our facebook page already know that group of students from Ex'pression College for Digital Arts paid a visit to the Chavez Center.  This group of aspiring artists and future movie-makers came to film a documentary about immigrants. While they were here, they not only gained valuable practice for their respective majors, but they also learned a little more about the Center and what impact we are enacting on the community.

The group filmed some of our programs in action and sat down for personal interviews with a few staff and clients. Eager to learn more, the students asked all sorts of very inspired questions. They were sure surprised and touched by what they heard! Upon leaving the center, the group truly had a renewed sense of the voice that they are giving this under-served population. We thank them for their great work!

You can do your part to support these students and the work of MCP/Chavez Center – just watch the video for yourself!