Friday, June 29, 2012

Lead Poisoning: An Education and Test of Health

A warm, healthy breakfast; a video; and doctors-- a unique picture on Monday morning here at the Chavez Center. But all was for an important cause-- lead poisoning education.  

We held a workshop outlining the dangers of lead poisoning and the importance of protecting our health and well-being. Since we have added a lot of new clients at the Chavez Center, this particular health lesson was eye-opening. They learned about the symptoms, ways to prevent lead poisoning, and what to do if you have it. Construction workers were awed by the many unexpected ways they could get lead poisoning. Even our computer students were surprised to learn that computer parts can also have lead!

 Why stop with just education though? Phlebotomy students were brought in to test our members and practice their skills as well. Twenty-Three of our members and community residents were tested for lead poisoning as part of the workshop, so they could get treatment if needed. For one man, the test was a challenge as anxiety gripped him. With the encouraging teasing from other members, he snuck in as the last of the twenty-three, and his peers cheered for him when he was done.

The hope is to educate our clients about hidden health risks and help them find ways to stay safe and keep their families safe in the future. Even the doctor from OSHA was surprise by the need for this sort of education in the community. 

We would like to especially thank the Community Wellness and Prevention Program, Carrington College and OSHA.

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