Monday, June 11, 2012

Antonio's Story of Struggle, Story of Survival, Story of Success

Day Labor member Antonio rarely gets hired for the jobs he loves. His slow, stumbling words and older appearance quickly causes employers to hesitate calling on him for precise tiling work. What they don’t know is that Antonio suffered several strokes that put him here.

In his time with the Day Labor Program, Antonio has found the support of the members as he suffered and underwent recovery. The strokes left him unable to walk and talk. As someone whose expertise relies heavily on physical ability, this was a true struggle for Antonio. He worked diligently for months to rehabilitate and to relearn these basic skills.

Today, he is able to get around easily, although a little more slowly. And today we ask ourselves where would Antonio have gone if he hadn’t been with us, and what others might be going through this too? While the answers are scary, we are just thankful that Antonio found the support and empowerment he needed.

At the center Antonio is among the most social and compassionate members even though he recognizes that his speech and actions lag. Because of this seemingly clumsy motion, many people are reluctant to hire his highly-regarded expertise, even though his talents have not suffered one bit!

But with enough hard work and dedication, it’s only a matter of time before opportunity will come knocking. In July Antonio as he was given the chance to do the work that is near and dear to his heart. As a skilled worker with a true passion for working with tile, stone, granite and marble Antonio was very excited to accept this job assignment. His work was impeccable as his excitement for the job carried him through.

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