Friday, May 25, 2012

Passionate Volunteer Brings Classes Closer Than Ever

The Career Development Program has been truly grateful for the energy of our newest volunteer, Nadia. Such energy and knowledge that she brings complements the already lively Career Development Program Manager, Romina. Putting her enthusiasm and expertise to work, Nadia jumped in to teach job preparation to the Career Track computer students. This series of in-class workshops, presentations and assignments will cover resume writing, an essential tool for our hardworking, computer-savvy, job-seeking students.  With a polished resume in hand, students will move on to tackle bigger lessons in customer service classes.

Nadia's first day with all of the staff.
All the students were very impressed and happy to meet Nadia, who has a great deal of experience as an instructor and business developer in her native Nicaragua. This is what students had to say after only the first class with Nadia, “This is the perfect complement to our classes to think and have a better picture of what is next,” stated Norberto, a Career Track student. This just shows how Nadia has really become the link that joins the Career Development and Technology Empowerment programs at the Chavez Center.

Our advanced class students will graduate in mid-June with great knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, customer service and their resume ready to start their job search. What an amazing experience to gain all of these skills in one class!

Interested in getting in on the next session of classes? Enrollment is starting June 18! Make sure you sign up! Call 925-682-8248 for more information.

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