Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Grants as we Step into a New Year

Over the years , the Chavez Center has had to learn some hard lessons about funding. Like many nonprofits, the Chavez Center found the search for funding quite arduous. Fortunately, a hopeful future is on the horizon for 2011 as several organizations are funding us for the first time and others are renewing their funding. These funders have found value in the services we’ve worked hard to build, and they want to make sure that the community continues to have these opportunities.

·         PG&E is a first-time funder for the Chavez Center.  They are contributing to the new Career Track classes in the technology program. These classes are designed to integrate job readiness, technology training and ESL into one rigorous course. At PG&E that say “that a community's energy doesn't always arrive through power lines.”

·         San Francisco Foundation has accepted the Chavez Center in the second year of a three year Job Training and Placement program. Job training and creation grants expand training and employment opportunities for residents who have struggled the most to find work. We are thankful to SFF for fervently supporting nonprofits in a time when “joblessness remains high, home foreclosures persist and safety net providers…banks face more demand than ever.”

·         Anonymous donor from the East Bay Community Foundation provided a first-time donation to the Chavez Center for our work in economic development with immigrant and low-income communities.  The foundation itself works toward advancing economic opportunity for adults and families in need, particularly adults and families facing significant barriers to employment.

·         Thomas J Long Foundation visited the Chavez Center on December 8 to meet staff and present a check to us for the first time.  With admiral work in economic development, the Chavez Center is very grateful to have the Long Foundation’s support.

·         California Transplant Donor Network was referred to us by a currently enrolled Stride student.  Through his work and the CTDN’s generosity, the Chavez Center has received dozens of computers, printers and other technology to provide to community members who are lacking these valuable resources.  Find out more about our Adopt a Family: Tidings of Technology project and how you can help us pass these computers on.

·         Contra Costa County EHSD CalWorks will be utilizing the Chavez Center as a location for their Welfare-to-Work Program in 2012 for all non-English speaking clients. Welfare-to-Work is a comprehensive Employment and Training Program designed to promote self-sufficiency.

Our funders and supporters bring hope to our clients
as they work hard to transform their lives.

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