Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 HUGE Steps Forward in English

In the words of program manager, Elba Velasquez, “We’re making history!” On December 2, computer class students celebrated the completion of their ESL class.  This is the first time the Chavez Center opened ESL classes to technology students, and it proved to be a great experience for volunteers and students alike.  But don’t just take it from us, here are the 5 HUGE steps that our students have taken thanks to English:

·         “For a long, long time I have prayed for help and for English classes. I have been working for 14 years. Two weeks ago I had an evaluation and it was the first time I understood everything.” – Benilda

·         Leandro runs his own business and has children that he often helps with homework.  “I need to study English for my customers. I now know the past tense and can speak in more than just the present [tense].”

·         “This class helped me understand a lot with new verbs. When I go to my appointments with doctors and nurses, I have to speak English. I don’t speak a lot in class, but I have to speak in my appointments.”

·         The teacher pointed out that Sandra had the highest attendance and was always on time. Sandra thanks the class for giving her the English skills she needed to get her citizenship. She has been a U.S. Citizen for 6 weeks now.

·         “I feel comfortable talking to people at work. I’m sure of what I am saying. And I’m able to help my kids now.” -- Evila

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