Monday, November 21, 2011

New offering: Spanish Literacy classes and the Dedication of a Teacher

By  Elba Velasquez

 "The ability to sense or see the need of a neighbor is truly a gift."

 Such gift and great heart, will describe Fabiola C├írdenas.  She has been part of this Center for many years, as a worker, student, volunteer, computer class instructor and now in her most recent roll of Spanish literacy instructor.  While teaching a class some time ago, Fabiola noticed the extreme difficulty that one of her students had because he lacked the ability to write or read his own language.

“Since I met Benito I knew we had to do something for him", expresses Fabiola, who has in the past taken trainings to teach Spanish Literacy.

Benito owns his own business, but because of this barrier has been a victim of fraud and deception.
 Also by   talking to Nati, our Day Labor Manager we realized that others could also benefit with this class. We then began to plan and take this challenge seriously.

One evening while sitting in the reception area, a young adult male came in, inquiring about a place where he could take Spanish Literacy classes.  I’m sure you have an idea of the person that didn’t hesitate to share the news that here at the Chavez Center we have those classes.  That was exactly what Fabiola did, and right then and there she scheduled Spanish literacy classes.

I can sincerely say that this was like a divine confirmation. We are truly convinced that the need in our community is huge and we as an organization can’t close our eyes. Fabiola has scheduled the classes on Mondays 3:30-5:00pm.   This time, we have the valuable cooperation of volunteers from our computer classes. “Thank you Fabiola, because  wisely you’re  using your talents in cooperation with Chavez Center towards the benefit of our community.”

Continue your learning: Why does it make sense to teach Spanish literacy when people in the U.S. really need English skills?

Research, experience, teachers, volunteers and others will all reinforce the same idea – it’s easier to learn a second language when you know how to read and write your own language.  The great thing about English and Spanish is that they have the same alphabet, which will make English learning much easier down the road.