Monday, January 17, 2011

Friends, Family, and Fun -- No More Winter Woes

For a day laborer at the Chavez Center, the winter months can be quite discouraging.  Work is slow, weather is poor, and the daily trudge to the Center can seem longer.  Despite the hard times, they persevere and continue working hard serving the Center and taking classes.  Still, there is nothing like a little celebration to really boost spirits in the middle of winter – and that’s exactly what we happened.
On the night of December 18, community members and day laborers alike poured into the Chavez Center for the annual holiday party.  While the children gathered around to listen to Christmas stories, their parents mingled with staff and volunteers.  The Chavez Center was filled with a warm feeling of community, laughter and joy around a giant donated Christmas tree.

Following a delicious multicultural dinner of BBQ and Latino foods, the Christmas spirit abounded.  A raffle of holiday goodie baskets and gift certificates elicited excitement from the members and children alike.  Still no one left empty-handed as parents took leftover dinner trays and wide-eyed children toted their brand-new Christmas presents.

The night would not have been the same without the support of so many partners and donors.  Thank you to Lighthouse Regional Church for the wonderful presents, Faith Christian Fellowship for food and volunteers, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church for the donations for the holiday baskets, and the Concord Library for the Christmas stories.  And many thanks to everyone who was a part of this wonderful celebration bringing hope and encouragement for the future.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Workshops, Huge Results

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Rosa entered the Michael Chavez Center this week with a huge smile and an undeniable glow.  Rosa was a participant in a workshop held two months ago at the Chavez Center about how to write a resume and she returned to share the great news—she got a job! She attributes her achievement in part to the workshop she took and the resume she developed with help from Chavez Center staff.  After applying online with no response from the company, she recently decided to walk into the store with her newly created resume in hand and, low and behold, the job was hers.

In order to be able to provide more career development services, like the resume workshop Rosa attended, the Career Development Program is offering a series of workshops covering a range of career development topics, from how to write a resume to effective networking. The Chavez Center expects that these workshops will teach essential job search skills that will result in more stories like Rosa’s.
The classes will begin in February and run every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm for two months. Some of the topics include self-assessment, goal setting, resume creation, networking, interviewing and job search techniques. The class is open to anyone-- current job seekers, people looking to switch careers or those who are just looking for useful information that will help in their future career development. The class is free and will be offered in both Spanish and English.

Those interested in taking the class should attend the orientation session on January 20th at 6pm at the Chavez Center. For questions contact Tess at or (925) 682-8248 x2180.  See  you there!