Friday, October 15, 2010

Two More Careers Started!

We are fortunate to be able to see lives and families changed here at the center ever day as they triumph over the many obstacles and hardships that stand in their way. This week at the Chavez Center, saw two stories play out first-hand of clients gaining employment through our programs. These individuals are shining examples from our Career Development program that show what we are accomplishing together.

Rodolfo Collantes’s career has taken him from his homeland of Peru, to Japan, and now the U.S. where he is committed to advancing his career. Rodolfo is bilingual in Spanish and Japanese and his dedication to improve his English motivated him to take ESL classes at the local adult school.  With his enthusiasm for getting ahead and his can-do attitude he landed a position with the local Marshalls department store. “The Career Development program helped me find English classes, but what really made a difference for me was the self confidence they helped me develop.”

Bryan Lyons has been with the Chavez Center for some time working when he could through the Day Labor program's job connections.  He had been working part time in construction, but realized he needed to change when his baby daughter was born.  He needed not only a higher income, but also to be a role model to his daughter. For Bryan, it was time to make a change for himself and his family, and transition from a having a job to having a career. With a little guidance he created an outstanding resume and in no time landed a full time job in a coffee shop. Bryan sees his future with much more optimism saying, “This was a really important step in my career for both me and my family.”


You can help support clients in landing a full-time job or even meeting their short-term needs.  If information about hiring a worker for your various project needs, call the Chavez Center at 925-682-8248 or put in a request online.  We also appreciate any and all volunteers and donors, which help make stories like this happen every single week.  You can donate online, securely through Paypal or send a check to:
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