Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to the Chavez Center blog!

Audrey lands a job, Bob connects with a student learning English, and Maria takes computer classes so she can be involved in her daughter's school. We want to share how our community is "Stepping Up" to make a difference. These are real people making real changes right here in Concord. These are the stories of how we're all working together to build confidence and inspire each other to pursue a better quality of life.

With so many ongoing updates, achievements, and celebrations at the Chavez Center, and so many community members to keep informed, we are proud to announce our new blog, The Steps.  At the Chavez Center, we see each member success, job placement, ESL graduation, workshop demonstration, community partnership, business launch, staff addition, and computer class enrollment as another exciting step toward the ultimate goal of creating employable, self-sufficient members in the community.  Through our blog "Stepping Up" we will highlight the steps of progress our programs, partners, and community members are making.  The Chavez Center is devoted to creating opportunities for community residents so that they may pursue a more economically stable lifestyle.  Through our 4 program areas -- Day Labor & Civic Integration, Technology Empowerment, Cooperative Development, and Career Development -- the Center has been successfully offering essential services to the otherwise underprivileged, under-resourced Monument community.

We hope that you'll support and follow our new blogging effort so that we can share with you the journey to success that we are fostering together.

Keep on the lookout for the next step the Chavez Center is taking on our path of economic development.